Tuesday, March 2, 2010


every tuesday i have to attend class for a subject called data analysis or also known as QSD288.
everytime when i come to this class i will yawning,dreaming and etc.
i dont know nothing what i learn in this class.
suddenly,on 2nd march 2010,my lecturer told us about 'O'.
she said that there are two differences between O bulat & O bujur.
O bulat means that we really understand what have been taught in class and it just went out from mouth automatically.
different from O bujur it means we are pretending that we understand on what we've learn in class.
cam bodoh kan?tak penah tepikir plak aku.

after on what she said i've continue my journey to itali.


LoLeEtA gOtHiCa said...

in my opinion,i simply just DONT understand anything u said at ALL... hakk!! pelik kan??? ngeeee!

hzwn said...

memang la.
1st time kot aku tulis da bi.haha!